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Dobel Pavito

At Quesadilla Gorilla, our Tequila collection is…extensive. Much of the time our guests come in, sit down at the bar, take a look at the vodkas, whiskeys, and tequilas, and ask a question, 

“Hey, what's that bottle?”

Sometimes its an artisinal whiskey, a unique cristallino, or sometimes, its Dobel Pavito. 

Sitting among our collection of tequilas lies a unique looking bottle, resting inside a solid baby blue wooden case, clearly standing out from the rest. 

On the bottle sits two turkeys, facing one another. The story? 

Maestro Dobel is a distillery that has always been about bridging the gap between the ancient mezcal traditions of old with the modern palate of consistent tasting tequilas. One of these ancient mezcal traditions is used in a tequila production of the Pavito that is virtually unused and unheard of in modern tequila tradition. 

As the tequila enters its maceration process, prior to final distillation, a turkey breast is hung inside the still and vaporizes and condenses along with the spirit, producing one of the most unique-tasting tequilas we’ve ever had our hands on. 

On the nose is a subtle combination of plum and cider, while the taste largely produces an anise flavor that is somehow buttery smooth.

Yes. You’re reading that right…turkey tequila. And what better time to try it than November. All month we’ll have the amazing Dobel Pavito available for you to try. Whether its neat, on the rocks, or with soda, this tequila is worth sipping on, and worth picking up to add to the collection.