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Our Story

Quesadilla Gorilla was founded by Miguel and Mikayla Reyes. Quesadilla Gorilla specializes in unique quesadillas, built from scratch with quality ingredients. The restaurant opened in Downtown Visalia, California in 2013, when Miguel was 21 and Mikayla was 19. They met as coworkers in a restaurant, and quickly fell for each other. Miguel ran the back of the house and Mikayla ran the front of the house. When the opportunity became available to open a spot of their own in their downtown, they jumped on it. They wanted to do something different and new, something that they had never seen done before. Both growing up in Hispanic homes, food is what brought their families together. When they opened Quesadilla Gorilla, that’s what they wanted for others, too. They went all in on this crazy unique idea: a fast casual restaurant that specializes in one thing only, quesadillas. They took this simple concept, and made it their own. They brought in recipes from both of their families, and created a "Build Your Own Quesadilla” menu, where everything on the menu was made fresh and from scratch. They also wanted to create an environment where the employees and the customers mattered. To create a space where people could come together and build relationships, both internally and externally. Quesadillas were just the vessel to achieve this. Each store is crafted to provide a welcoming and comfortable space for everyone. Whether it's a first date, a quick lunch stop, or a family outing, this space is your space.  

Since opening in 2013, Quesadilla Gorilla has opened 7 store fronts with only more growth on the horizon, making it the fastest-growing quesadilla company in the nation. In 2019, Quesadilla Gorilla was mentioned in Fortune Magazine for its achievement of becoming the 3rd Fastest Growing Inner City Business in America. Quesadilla Gorilla was founded on three main things: Peace, Love, and Dillas. No matter how big the brand becomes, Quesadilla Gorilla is a family-owned business and is proud to contribute to the livelihoods of its local franchise partners, communities and staff. With each new location, Quesadilla Gorilla will strive harder than ever to fulfill its mission of bringing family and friends together with Peace, Love, and Dillas.